Sunday, 4 September 2016

The sound of old flames

Got the chance to see Torcher Chamber Arkestra yesterday at The MAC which was great. Tables covered with blown glass tubular things, bowls and glass marbles all being played by a percussionist, while another performer blew glass and a guy manipulated all the sounds live through a laptop, making it delay and squelch. Lots of alchemy and atmosphere, really enjoyed it - especially the simplicity of the movements combined with the variations in sound and material density etc. Favourite bit might have been at the end where glass bottles breathed in and out as they we're dipped into water. Worth checking out if you get chance.

After that I dived over to the Scary Canary venue in Stourbridge for some birthday fun and to wish local artist and old flame Wozart luck with his double marathon running. Check out some of Woz's artwork below.

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