Monday, 3 March 2014

Bonkers Brummy music!

I've been busy once again! And have some goodies to share...

Firstly check out this great bit of video from my new rave craft band Swoomptheeng's last event at Muthers Studio in Birmingham, there's also more fun and photos on the website at Keep your eyes out for plenty more where that came from! We already have a music video or two in progress, a bunch of unheard new tracks, some VJ toys, gadgets and even our own cute little voodoo dolls... T-shirts on the website very soon!

And if that wasn't enough, we have finally released our new MaggotHouse podcast for what was going to be a big, real proper radioshow - now sadly not happening - but have a listen to this anyway! More senseless stupidity coming soon.

If your appitite for fun isn't already over-fed, check out this promo for Mr.Moltonium's Air Guitar Competition which is going to happen at Yardbird's in Brum on March 24th.

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