Tuesday, 6 August 2013

MaggotHouse Podcast - 3 Armed Ninja-Drummers from Yorkshire

I never did get round to blogging our last Podcast, but let's just say it was the best yet, and I even managed to con Mr. Adam Buxton (of Adam & Joe fame) into listening to it. He tweeted "Enjoyable noises. Are you old weirdos or young weirdos?". We still dont know what he was getting at but didn't take offence... 'old weirdos'... I mean really...

Anyway we had some stunning artwork done of a Yorkshire Ninja Drummer by Mr.Moltonium (who has work on show right now at Six Eight Kafe in Birmingham) and the podcast contains delights such as "clattering, badass ninja-istic paradiddlism, raved-up Def Leppard, bone-crunching Jazz Metal, homemade acoustic trash, 3 armed spazzed-out Jungle Breaks and a Rap-Off" all in a Yorkshire style!

Download and listen from Facebook or Podomatic (or use the player below!)

We have a new Heavy Metal themed podcast out very soon, and to celebrate you can even get your hands on a free limited edition copy of Meatfeast's "Hands Like Claws" EP - just email your name & address to ben@maggothouse.co.uk before April 15th!

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