Thursday, 13 June 2013

Free Birmingham Techno Mix from Phluxm

A fantastic re-release this month from the MaggotHouse Bandcamp site of The Dark Half - a 2 part, full-length mix of Phluxm by Phluxm!

Originally put together way back in 2004, this is the definitive DJ mix of his sound. It's thick, jagged, hard and dark with quirky samples, heavy basslines, rattling and knife-sharp percussion, and pounding pounding techno beats.

Early lighter, quirkier tracks such as Shuffle, Squasmadropodrom and A Black Train to Zurich are intermixed in part 1 with the industrial clatter of Bread Machine (played on Radio 1 by Mary Anne Hobbs back in 2006) and the crackling, lumbering, cyberscapes of Harrison Ford.

Part 2 starts hard with the queasy, bass-laden and ominous Mothership and launches into hammering bass-end techno in the form of the strangely named Fruity, then on through Dragon to the bone-crunching Teeth on Concrete.

From here on it's a fistfight of noise with the sawblades of Mistress Rmx and gabba battery of Limp Biscuits. Night Rider is perhaps the best, most rounded, and complete of Phluxm's techno from this era, and the mix ends with the glitched and doomy obnoxious Maggot hammering at your face.


Download more Phluxm and get more from the MaggotHouse Bandcamp site

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