Thursday, 11 April 2013

One for all the drunk crackers with beards out there... the new MaggotHouse podcast

We have a new MaggotHouse podcast - it's noisy, lewd and full of obscure music, talk and thought... but we must warn you : your unlikely to like it unless "your a drunk cracker with a beard" (poor spelling noted)... or like Pandas.

In the unlikely event you enjoy this kind of nonsense, there's plenty more on the MaggotHouse Facbook page.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

VJ Adam Buxton and the lost leather glitch

I started experimenting with glitch art after going to Antonio Roberts' Dirty New Media event at Birmingham's Barber Institute where I was on hand to help out. Mixed amongst the galleries much older works was an Aztec-Quipu-like datanecklace of Twitter feeds by Stef Lewandowski. He's an interesting and prolific fella making all manner of media from electronica, hacking and design and the necklace was an interpretation of online behaviour as a piece of jewellery.

I have to say I have a sour-taste in my mouth every time I hear the word Twitter and find it completely self-indulgent, ugly and totally one-way social medium, but visualising data is an interesting twist on a dull old topic. I own this book on it and it's really very good at illustrating stats in a lively and informative way that looks great. Like this for example...

There were some interesting talks and performances at the event and here's a quick video of Minuek performing both the audio and video live there. He was by far the most adept and slick of the performers and I had to jog down to the front and shake his hand after his set to thank him for a little inspiration. Many moons ago I developed PHLUMX a piece of video scratching software (now very dated) and actually booted the thing up and enjoyed using it for the first time in a while once I'd got home.

So anyway I started looking into glitching images and opened up a BMP file in a text editor and adapted the incomprehensible code a little - cutting a bit here, pasting a bit there. It's a little haphazard creating images, but you get some basic glitch results with little effort. You can even just open an image in wordpad, save and there you go - see here.

I also found out a bit about databending - which can be done by opening an image file in Audacity (audio software)  and editing the waveform, and resaving. You can even apply audio delay effects and so on... to get visual effects - which is awesome! See Antonio's blog for more on how to do it...

Moving on... I managed to catch another Adam Buxton BUG gig last night in Birmingham full of awesome music videos, stupid songs and lots of inspiration. I've been to a handful of BUG events now and they are always worth it - the highlights of this one were perhaps seeing Brad Pitt's new moody Chanel advert modified so that his nose was a penis, and this amazing eternal loop...

While on the topic of ridiculous music I should plug the latest MaggotHouse release - a free 6 track EP titled "Lost Leather Apron" featuring "breaks that sound like they've fallen down the stairs from Phluxm, hot doggerty-dog scream-til-yer-bluegrass from Jazz Thrash Assassin and well... what the fuck can we say?... it's Bazooka Chicken" with amazing cover art from Mr. Molontium!

Download it for FREE at the MaggotHouse Bandcamp site!

Of special note is the 2 Jazz Thrash Assassin tracks rever heard before which I spoke about during the recording in the studio.