Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Defeat Minions. Slay Boss. Save Girl

Well it's been a long time waiting but we finally released Octopod's 2nd EP today on  MaggotHouse's Bandcamp site.

Jon Garbett (of Meatfeast / Jazz Thrash Assassin) is more usually linked with his great guitar playing skills but he does occasionally apply his hand to other things - Octopod being one of them. Octopod is Jon's electronica sideproject in which he writes what sound like computer game soundtracks using out of the box samples and instruments. These demos are then tweaked, rearranged and produced by myself (aka phluxm) and released as electronica.

"Defeat Minions. Slay Boss. Save Girl" is Octopod's 2nd release after our the debut "Impossipuzzle". One track from that EP "Precious Things" was included on the 2006 Capsule Sampler CD taken to Sonar Festival in Barcelona. The other MaggotHouse track included was phluxm's "Bread Machine" which even got Radio1 airplay on the BBC thanks Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental show. It was played just after Squarepusher! See here.

We must say thanks to Antonio Roberts (who also helped us with this glitched up video) again for supplying a quick glitch graphic used on the cover and again to Ross Abatis for extra mastering work done.

Anyway go grab your joystick and go and download yourself a copy of "Defeat Minions. Slay Boss. Save Girl" here!!

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