Saturday, 4 February 2012

Livemocha - Social Language Learning Community

So it's off to Mexico I go. Well, soon... so I've been improving my Spanish recently, and discovered a great website to do it.

Livemocha is a kind of social educational networking site, where you can do language exercises and your livemocha "friends" can mark them and help you improve. The site caters for a whole range of languages, and one of the best features I've found is the instant messaging which allows you to type away to real people.

Ideally they speak to you in your language (which they are learning) and you type in the language your learning (their native tongue), so you can have conversations and help each out with your mistakes as you go. It's a great way to use your language skills in a real conversation without even leaving your house.

There's loads of other stuff too, from drag and drop activities to interactive video sections where you can record yourself responding to a video conversation. It's also free to join the community and you can unlock new sections by collecting points which you earn by contributing and marking other peoples work. In fact it's this switching between teaching and learning, and helping and being helped, that makes the community feel so very warm and friendly.

It's truly a great website, with a great community, and if you want to learn or practice a language online - I have found no better way to do it.