Saturday, 3 December 2011

Birmingham Djent & Avant-garde Metal

Djent : It's a word a friend mentioned to me yesterday, is a term coined by the band Meshuggah to describe a particular heavily muted and crunchy guitar sound, and is apparently becoming known as a musical genre. I'm new to the word Djent, but luckily I'm not new to bands like Meshuggah with whom I grew up with.

Next week my band Meatfeast play a Birmingham Jazz gig with Djent band Husk.

Husk are led by trumpeter Sam Wooster and supply heavy, rich, jazz-infected doom-metal. I saw them support Trio VD at The Rainbow a while back and knew straight away they we're someone we needed to hook up with.. Wooster scowls a lot - like he hates his band and wants to kill them. It's mesmerising.


My own band Meatfeast have just finished a music video for our track "Self-inflicted Haircut" which was shot in the Green Street Warehouse in Birmingham, near the Custard Factory. The video came together with the help of Fat Baby films director Kevin Chapman and Director of Photography Djonny Chen, who led a skeleton crew from across the Midlands (brought together by Richard Wood of the Coventry Warks Filmmakers Network), and who we cannot thanks enough for making it happen.

We have also released our 2 track EP "Hands Like Claws" - recorded at the lush Monochrome Productions studio near Banbury with the awesome Tom Gittins (of The Culprit). We've been struggling to find a genre we fit into, not really being Post-hardcore, Progressive Metal or anything else we seem to get labelled as. Maybe we're Djent, but I doubt it...

Hands Like Claws EP by Meatfeast

Buy it for £1.38 from Amazon Here

Meatfeast & Husk play Jazz Club at the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, Birmingham on Wednesday December 7th. Tickets £5.