Saturday, 3 December 2011

Birmingham Djent & Avant-garde Metal

Djent : It's a word a friend mentioned to me yesterday, is a term coined by the band Meshuggah to describe a particular heavily muted and crunchy guitar sound, and is apparently becoming known as a musical genre. I'm new to the word Djent, but luckily I'm not new to bands like Meshuggah with whom I grew up with.

Next week my band Meatfeast play a Birmingham Jazz gig with Djent band Husk.

Husk are led by trumpeter Sam Wooster and supply heavy, rich, jazz-infected doom-metal. I saw them support Trio VD at The Rainbow a while back and knew straight away they we're someone we needed to hook up with.. Wooster scowls a lot - like he hates his band and wants to kill them. It's mesmerising.


My own band Meatfeast have just finished a music video for our track "Self-inflicted Haircut" which was shot in the Green Street Warehouse in Birmingham, near the Custard Factory. The video came together with the help of Fat Baby films director Kevin Chapman and Director of Photography Djonny Chen, who led a skeleton crew from across the Midlands (brought together by Richard Wood of the Coventry Warks Filmmakers Network), and who we cannot thanks enough for making it happen.

We have also released our 2 track EP "Hands Like Claws" - recorded at the lush Monochrome Productions studio near Banbury with the awesome Tom Gittins (of The Culprit). We've been struggling to find a genre we fit into, not really being Post-hardcore, Progressive Metal or anything else we seem to get labelled as. Maybe we're Djent, but I doubt it...

Hands Like Claws EP by Meatfeast

Buy it for £1.38 from Amazon Here

Meatfeast & Husk play Jazz Club at the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, Birmingham on Wednesday December 7th. Tickets £5.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Awesome drunken guitar playing

I should make more of an effort to post stuff up on here more often. So here goes...

Today I am hung over, 2 days into my first week-long holiday since forever, I was bored stupid. So I hooked up with Mr.Jonathan Garbett - better known as guitarist in Meatfeast - and had a few drinks too many.

Jon has been putting a few of his guitar licks up on his YouTube channel recently too and if your into your technical playing - the guy has technique coming out of his ears.. Behold!

Quick plug - go buy our new Meatfeast EP "Hands Like Claws" on Amazon here now!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Meaty Sounds, Glitch Video and Beastly Writing

It's been tricky to find time to update this, but heres a few quick tasters of whats been going on... my spazz-metal band Meatfeast's 2nd recording session at Monochrome Productions studio has yealded us with the finest stuff to date - dont take my word for it though - here's some Meat for you to sample...

Meatfeast - EP Sampler by MaggotHouse

There's a release party soon - where we'll be showing our new music video too, it's at Skruffy Murphys, Birmingham on Friday Aug 5th (Request an invite! Spaces are strictly limited. Contact meatfeast[at]

Also - just a quicky - A second piece of writing I did is going to appear in the no-holds-barred Dirty Bristow magazine, edition #2. You even get a little tape with some music with it. The release is on Saturday 13th of August at The Edge in Digbeth, Birmingham, a little more on bristow here, and an old blog post here.

Monday, 18 April 2011

More glitch music videos courtesy of Rubicks

An old Uni mate of mine recently sent me the new video for his band Rubicks, more glitch video fun for ya!

Heres the link

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Glitch Video and Stationary

Check out these awesome glitched up clips from Hello Catfood's Antonio Roberts. Check out his lovely array of skills here: Hello Catfood Blog

Antonio will hopefully be working with me on mangling the music video for Meatfeast's "Self-inflicted haircut", but in the meantime enjoy this Stationary-based track from Chairlift.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Beastly Birmingham Zine

I've just had news that something I wrote will be appearing in appearing in the arty-nonsense/gluttonous-textual-splurge of Dirty Bristow magazine's beastly issue 2.

Issue 1 was an intriguing mix of intellect and drainwater philosophy... with all the pomp of an Artists statement and the enthusiasm of a photocopied zine. Along with it's usual/unusual Fete launch event, Bristow is a great product of the Birmingham underground... keep 'em peeled...

More on Bristow in my earlier post here

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Devil Metal, Nasty Jazz & Android Antics

Next year we have the end of the world to look forward too! But for now...

My Experimental Metal [!wince!] band Meatfeast has been going well, but please - if anyone can label us as something other than Metal that would amazing! The 'M' word seems to make all but the truely lonesome wince and rightly so. Metal seems to be such a retrospective genre these days - thank God for Hardcore which without a shadow of doubt has produced some incredible bands over the last few years - check out Dillinger in this older post. Even the noisy glitch of jazz band Trio VD (Who I was lucky enough to see at The Rainbow for Birmingham Jazz's closing party recently) makes the average metal band look rather sad. Trio VD were awesome. See here...

Anyways after a duff year for audience figures, Meatfeast gigs have been picking up again since December when we played to a packed out downstairs backroom at The Mitre in Stourbridge with local lads Diamonds. Diamonds feature ex-members of The Hubble Constant and are a tasty mix of chaos, funk and postmodern song titles. Here's a nice pic from our gig in The Red Room at The Giffard Arms in Wolverhampton with them in Jan.

Meatfeast HQ has some more goodies coming up including a music video, an Android phone app, a new website and the finalisation of the 2 new tracks - all of which seem to have been in development since forever. Keep em peeled at for them!

Speaking of Android, I somehow worked through Christmas developing Apps for my new and trusty Samsung Galaxy Tab, (a rival tab to the iPad) which I now use every second for Internet, phone, satnav, games, eBooks etc etc. but more on that another day...

Back in the Black Country... there's a wild little pub called The Hollybush. It is the host to evenings of Drum'n'Bass, Russian Film, live bands and comedy; and run by the every-so-slightly-Mike-Patton Dave. More on the Bush here. Brown Wednesday's are the new film night set-up with Warren and Paul from TeeT Shirts to show very brown and very bad films, and I was able to witness, for the first time in it's majestic entirity, the all-time horror classic 'Edge of Hell'. And let me tell you it's even worse than Troll 2...