Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Punk-Blast-Art and Flash-Tek-Music

Well I have to say I've been flippin busy recently, which might account for my tune of the week being In The Garage by Weezer, which is most-likely the place I'd love to dissapear to for a wee holiday. As it happens I'm off to the south of Spain instead. Yes, I know, your coughing up phlemmy laughter right now, but I'm not off to the Costa del Sol, I'm nipping out to Europes only desert (Spain's Nevada Desert). Apparently they get flamingos, have gangs of gypsys living in caves near Granada and just north west of Almería there's picturesque mountain-side villages. Sounds good to me, plus an oportunity to try out a little more of my Spanish on the natives :D

Anyways... things have been coming on strong with my freelance work and after having come close to hitting off a big project with Fargo - Coventry City Council's regeneration project (camden/custard factory, so I'm told) and building custom trainer software for Loughborough University, I've been working on a Custom T-shirt Designer program I've developed for the lovely chaps at TeeT Shirts (Version 2 is due to go live on their site very soon!), and my web design / development skills have exploded.

It would also be rude not to mention filthy punk rockers Rebel City Radio, as it looks like I'm doing their album artwork after Mac Mayhem (guitarist) liked what I'd done for his previous band The Strawberry Blondes. The guys seem to be having a good old time at the moment gigging up and down the country. Last time I saw Mac was in the bizarre and highly unpredictable entertainment venue of the Holly Bush in Cradley Heath. He was soo wrecked on ale, he could barely walk or see, but was strangely able to hold a conversation and play a mini piano concerto. That nights other entertainment consisted of a man shouting "Shopping!Shopping!Shoppping!" angrily over a mic in the other room.

Harminder Judge - The Modes of Al-Ikseer 2009-10

I'm excited about a potential project with damn fine gent and brum-based artist Harminder Judge. Last time I asked about his work he was importing tonnes of feathers (literally) from India, so anything could happen..! Other stuff includes putting together my first Augmented Reality work in Flash for my Paperless Design project, and getting to grips with Flash's new 3D and audio reactive processes - something that is being used in the mediaplayer I've built for the lads at Firstfold Records (to go live very soon also).

Japanese AR pioneers

Speaking of Firstfold the guys have a stall at this years Supersonic Festival in Birmingham and I was also asked to VJ. I have no idea if I'll actually be VJing though, due to a complete lack of freetime and a few years out of the VJ scene it's looking unlikely I'll have time to throw something together - which would make it the 3rd time I've tried and failed to play Supersonic :( Anyways - I'll be there at some point as it's my birthday weekend and I should also have some prints available on the stall - so go check it all out if your there! I also have a nice little profile page on their site, good ey?

Here's some other Firstfold releated artwork - available from their Supersonic stall I'm guessing...

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