Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Another Covert Interview

Just gone online....

Read my interview of Capsule and Supersonic Festival co-founder Lisa Meyer now online at:

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Touchpad Meat and Japanese Cock Metal

Meatfeast (my screaming-muso-mental-metal band) are back in the studio again after a long spell of recording misfortune thanks to unprofessional engineers, Jazz Thrash Assassin's dissolve, some never-seen TV footage, and a single that never saw the light of day (until Chris from Brumcast played it on Rhubard Radio a few weeks ago...)

Anyway, gigs have been good recently, at the Actress & Bishop back in May, and Katie Fitzgerald's in Stourbridge on the night Algeria made England look like Accrington Stanley. I even bought a Kaossilator to liven up the sound textures - so expect additional spazfinger solos from now on...

This guys just LOVEs his Kaossilator... I want to be him

So anyways were recording Sparrow Mask and Self-Inflicted Hair-cut with Tommy from metalcore grinders Random Conflict. So keep em peeled for that sometime soon..!

Joe Roger's Words are Meaningless Sofa from the Plus Design Festival a few years back

That aside I DJ'ed for the first time in a longtime at my Mr.Grizz's 30th birthday - an amazing opportunity to play loads of really dodgy 80's hairmetal, scummy punk and Bon-Jovi Jungle remixes. I was so pleased to play out again I even joined talented illustrator Joe Roger's Mixtape Project and now send mixes including the likes of this to randoms every month...

If your after some stunning Detroit Techno mixes for free then you should download this young lads stuff - here's Noccio from Italy - these are easily some of the best techno mixes I've heard for years!! Enjoy!

Meatfeast next play the Actress & Bishop on Thursday July 22nd

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Covert Magazine

I've just started getting involved with Covert Magazine - an independent culture mag on the Coventry scene.

Your excited already - I can tell. But really - it's a great mag! I love it's frivolous and mischievous approach and it's glitchy artwork and off-the-wall style. Content is of a high standard too, with many national and international features alongside more local stuff.

I've just finished an interview with Richard March of Bentley Rhythm Ace on his Godiva Festival experience.

You can read the whole thing here.

Just a note for anyone following this blog - some of my would-have-been-posted-on-here features may now shift over to Covert in the future - so it's worth keeping your eye on both from now on, as posts will probably be split 50/50.