Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Worcester Open Video Art

Copyright © Caitlin Griffiths 2009-2010

2 into 1 : After Gillian Wearing is a video art piece in which George Reynolds (a man affected with Foreign Accent Syndrome) speaks through artist Caitlin Griffiths, and vice versa.

Copyright © Caitlin Griffiths 2009-2010

I did the video-editing and the sound recording, and good fun it was too. Last time I mentioned it it was being shown at The Vaults in Birmingham (see here).

Right now it's being shown in Worcester Art Gallery & Museum as part of the Worcester Open - which also includes works shown at The Pitt Studio (run by curator/owner Nathaniel Pitt - a nice bloke, and one I once shared an office with).

So anyway - go have a look! It's one of the more interesting projects I've worked over over the last few months, and is well worth dropping into Worcs for - alongside all the other stuff on. See the official Worcester Open Website for more on what's on.

See my original post here for some more background.

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