Friday, 14 May 2010


Dont seem to get the time to update this much these days, so might just start doing uber-speedy blogs like this one... it's so fast it's in italics...
  • Went Austria - saw real Dracula and Wolfman paintings and other oddities in Schloss Ambras Castle .
  • Also amazing art - snow sheep made by catching breath, then distilled to alcohol - then drank by arty types at Private views, then breath caught back on sheep. Wow.

  • Coventry - Fargo - new Digbeth / Camden on my doorstep - great!

  • New business venture *Paperless Design - - multimedia in schools! Get in touch please if you want to work with us!

  • Scary Canary shop open in Stourbridge - great vintage clothing - go have a look!

  • Meatfeast (formerly Jazz Thrash Assassin) - Gigs!! Screaming!! New tracks!! Got played on Kerrang! again and other stations.

  • Also - read Blue Whale Blog on duff promoters killing Midlands band scene...

  • Got Coconut - opened after trouble - all mouldy.. eek.. binned it. Got another. Drank milk like sexy Bounty man.

  • I'm working on Andrew Cross show at Ikon Gallery - video of technical drumming - guy from Emmerson, Lake & Palmer - coming soon!

  • Flight of Conchords at NIA on Monday - well funny, best bit where Bret fell off the stage doing sexy dance.

Phew! ...aaaaand... relax...

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