Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Worcester Open Video Art

Copyright © Caitlin Griffiths 2009-2010

2 into 1 : After Gillian Wearing is a video art piece in which George Reynolds (a man affected with Foreign Accent Syndrome) speaks through artist Caitlin Griffiths, and vice versa.

Copyright © Caitlin Griffiths 2009-2010

I did the video-editing and the sound recording, and good fun it was too. Last time I mentioned it it was being shown at The Vaults in Birmingham (see here).

Right now it's being shown in Worcester Art Gallery & Museum as part of the Worcester Open - which also includes works shown at The Pitt Studio (run by curator/owner Nathaniel Pitt - a nice bloke, and one I once shared an office with).

So anyway - go have a look! It's one of the more interesting projects I've worked over over the last few months, and is well worth dropping into Worcs for - alongside all the other stuff on. See the official Worcester Open Website for more on what's on.

See my original post here for some more background.

Friday, 14 May 2010


Dont seem to get the time to update this much these days, so might just start doing uber-speedy blogs like this one... it's so fast it's in italics...
  • Went Austria - saw real Dracula and Wolfman paintings and other oddities in Schloss Ambras Castle .
  • Also amazing art - snow sheep made by catching breath, then distilled to alcohol - then drank by arty types at Private views, then breath caught back on sheep. Wow.

  • Coventry - Fargo - new Digbeth / Camden on my doorstep - great!

  • New business venture *Paperless Design - www.paperlessdesign.co.uk - multimedia in schools! Get in touch please if you want to work with us!

  • Scary Canary shop open in Stourbridge - great vintage clothing - go have a look!

  • Meatfeast (formerly Jazz Thrash Assassin) - Gigs!! Screaming!! New tracks!! Got played on Kerrang! again and other stations.

  • Also - read Blue Whale Blog on duff promoters killing Midlands band scene...

  • Got Coconut - opened after trouble - all mouldy.. eek.. binned it. Got another. Drank milk like sexy Bounty man.

  • I'm working on Andrew Cross show at Ikon Gallery - video of technical drumming - guy from Emmerson, Lake & Palmer - coming soon!

  • Flight of Conchords at NIA on Monday - well funny, best bit where Bret fell off the stage doing sexy dance.

Phew! ...aaaaand... relax...