Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Repetition and Pirate Tales

One of my video-art pieces is being shown at The Public in West Bromwich this friday. The video consists of me repeating words or phrases in 30-40 minute loops. A while back I did a live variation of this at the Crowd 6 gallery - find out more - and read an excerpt of my artist's statement here in the original post.

Another participant in the live event was Ed Wakefield (aka Captain Ed) who's just published a book titled "Blood and Rorschach". I've just finished reading it and it's damn fine. It's a small black artifact, with the look and feel of a little hymn book. I got mine autographed; it reads "To Ben MEATFASTE UMMF" with a small illustrationsigned "Love Cap Cap x x".

The story is about the slightly salty and paranoid Captain Blood who has been harrassed for some years by marauding sea pigeons. One day he finds Rorschach washed up outside his beach hut and the two set off across the waves for pirate adventure.

Here's a favourite moment:
"For a full minute he stood in the shadows, the tinkling of urine against the wall the only sound. He finished and then tussled his goose barnacle back into his pants. A strange urge to look at the parchment overtook him. He reached inside his coat and unfurled it. All of a sudden an avian scream ripped through the silence, and before he knew what was happening a shape tore past him and the parchment was gone.

'Damnit!' he roared.

'The parchment!' Blood was enraged, watching the offending sea pigeon take off with the trophy. 'Ye whelp!' bawled Blood and set to cuffing Rorschach about the ears"

There's even some bits on the Insertspace YouTube channel:

"Blood and Rorschach" is for sale from from Ikon Gallery, Birmingham - £5.

Screening 1 runs at The Public in West Bromwich from March 13-April 25. Free!

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