Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Luke-Skywalker-cum-Tresor-Techno affair

Atsuhiro Ito

Caught Japan's Atsuhiro Ito at Capsule's show at VIVID in Birmingham & nice to chat to a few folks down their I ain't seen for a while.

Ito essentially plays a strip-light through a few fx pedals to create a kind of live Audio-Visual noise-techno - by tapping the light on and off rhythmically, and waving it near a light-sensitive sensor, which creates distorted sounds. Gripping stuff, very atmospheric and driving. Kind of a solemn Luke-Skywalker-cum-Tresor-Techno affair.

I'm guessing that this was the guy mentioned when, in 2006, I went to Sonar with the Capsule gang - whom I missed... Well, it's been a few years postponed, but glad I caught him this time!

Nikki Pugh got some nice pics on Flickr here

In fact - check him out on Youtube!

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  1. More info video and pics here from the We Are Eastside Blog: