Thursday, 25 February 2010

Popeye-Pope's Bacon & other Street Vibes

Just a quick update on my last 2 blogs...

The Vaults Bazaar was pretty cool - a nice venue The Vaults, I'd recommend you go and wander through it's stoney arches and go buy a meal there. The place was perfectly suited to the kind of offbeat arts on show and just off St. Paul's square if you know the area.

On entering we were greeted by a crowd of polystryrene cups and with faces, burlesque dancing and a mirror-faced waiter who endlessly refilled and waited upon invisible people, breaking the occasional glass. My favourite piece on show however (apart from the thing I worked on of course;) had to be Steve Varndell's Popeye-Pope. Ok, so I'm a little biased as Steve had me laughing before hand so I was in a receptive mood, but I did like the subtlety and darkness of the 'painting'.

On my first viewing of The Vaults I completely missed it - it was in the depths, on a black wall behind a group of seated wine-drinkers, but after Steve pointed out where it was, I was quite struck by the piece. Let me explain... Under an alcove, dimmly lit, was an even darker Francis Bacon-esque illustration of Popeye; in the seated pose of Francis Bacon's "Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X" (See above). You had to get close to see it, and it was oddly malevolent as Popeye sat like a gummy-devil, eyeing up the passers by from his tunnel.

Secondly I just wanted to add some more videos from the Adam Buxton show. Here's a few treats I forgot to mention in the 1st blog:

And here's Major Lazer's Pon de Floor (which I cant embed at the mo)

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