Thursday, 18 February 2010

Adam and Joe & Music Video

The other day I had the pleasure of going to the Leicester Comedy Festival to see Adam Buxton present a series of music videos from Bugs (at the BFI) and it was outstanding, easily the best thing I've ever seen him do, and I've been rather enjoying his xFM podcasts recently too.

It mainly consisted of him (after dancing, raggamuffin-raver stylee to sushi) showing music videos and reading us there accompanying comments from YouTube. It was hysterical.

And MY GOD there we're some gems in there! So... I shall waste no time and say to thee - watch this, and laugh, and be "pummelled with fists of SUCCEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

[ I can't embed it, so JUST CLICK HERE

Seriously, the guy responsible is a genius, and I dare you - no - double dare you, to even try to watch all the videos on his YouTube profile in succession without giving yourself a cracked face and aching belly from laughing.

'Shredding' (as the YouTube term for dubbing musicians with new, really bad soundtracks seems to be) isn't new, but this guy is an expert! Adam informed us that ST's next video will be a dub of Blade Runner - in it's entirety - and you can see from this preview - it's going to be amazing!

Some other delights included showing a video by breakcore-mentalist Ladyscraper showing Transformers playing the drums to spazzed-out gabba. Adam enquired if there were any Ladyscraper fans in the audience, therewas a resounding 'no', but there was one - me!

Another weird video was this one below from Die Antwoord - a South African serious?/pisstake?/art project? clip which will haunt you in your sleep and is just odd, odd, odd.

Adam was what you might term 'proper sound' and even had a pint and a little chat with yours truley after the show at the bar. If you liked any of that - there's more on Adam's YouTube Channel here - 'Sausages' is recommended - and some of the other stuff shown can be seen on the BUGS website here The 'Themselves' video on the far right is flippin' mental.


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