Thursday, 25 February 2010

Popeye-Pope's Bacon & other Street Vibes

Just a quick update on my last 2 blogs...

The Vaults Bazaar was pretty cool - a nice venue The Vaults, I'd recommend you go and wander through it's stoney arches and go buy a meal there. The place was perfectly suited to the kind of offbeat arts on show and just off St. Paul's square if you know the area.

On entering we were greeted by a crowd of polystryrene cups and with faces, burlesque dancing and a mirror-faced waiter who endlessly refilled and waited upon invisible people, breaking the occasional glass. My favourite piece on show however (apart from the thing I worked on of course;) had to be Steve Varndell's Popeye-Pope. Ok, so I'm a little biased as Steve had me laughing before hand so I was in a receptive mood, but I did like the subtlety and darkness of the 'painting'.

On my first viewing of The Vaults I completely missed it - it was in the depths, on a black wall behind a group of seated wine-drinkers, but after Steve pointed out where it was, I was quite struck by the piece. Let me explain... Under an alcove, dimmly lit, was an even darker Francis Bacon-esque illustration of Popeye; in the seated pose of Francis Bacon's "Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X" (See above). You had to get close to see it, and it was oddly malevolent as Popeye sat like a gummy-devil, eyeing up the passers by from his tunnel.

Secondly I just wanted to add some more videos from the Adam Buxton show. Here's a few treats I forgot to mention in the 1st blog:

And here's Major Lazer's Pon de Floor (which I cant embed at the mo)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Vaults Bazaar - Video Art

A video-art project I worked on with artist Caitlin Griffiths is being shown on Wednesday in Birmingham. The piece involves a voice-swap, lip-sync technique and a man affected by Foreign Accent Syndrome.

Other artists include Steve Varndell & Elizabeth Short of Crowd 6. Trove is Curated by Charlie Levine.

Image of from 'The Book of Caitlin (2007)

See event details below

TROVE, in association with ARC, presents The Vaults Bazaar
One night only: Wednesday 24th February
2010 6-8pm with music till late

The Vaults, Newhall Hill, Birmingham, B1 3JH

TROVE is the first gallery invited by ARC to present a one night only exhibition at The VAULTS in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, UK. Each month ARC invites regional guest curators to present an exhibition of works to be exhibited at The VAULTS, with TROVE kicking off their 2010 programme.

The Vaults Bazaar brings together a selection of regional and national artists that TROVE invited to take part in this exhibition. Each offering a different proposal of work, each vault will be different from classic painting through film to performance, a truly bizarre mix.

Artists include:
Jane Ball, Coco Deville, Graham Chorlton, Caitlin Griffiths, Daniel Lehan, Brigid McLeer, Milk,Two Sugars, Paul Newman, Elizabeth Short and Steve Varndell

2 for 1 on selected cocktails


Thursday, 18 February 2010

Adam and Joe & Music Video

The other day I had the pleasure of going to the Leicester Comedy Festival to see Adam Buxton present a series of music videos from Bugs (at the BFI) and it was outstanding, easily the best thing I've ever seen him do, and I've been rather enjoying his xFM podcasts recently too.

It mainly consisted of him (after dancing, raggamuffin-raver stylee to sushi) showing music videos and reading us there accompanying comments from YouTube. It was hysterical.

And MY GOD there we're some gems in there! So... I shall waste no time and say to thee - watch this, and laugh, and be "pummelled with fists of SUCCEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

[ I can't embed it, so JUST CLICK HERE

Seriously, the guy responsible is a genius, and I dare you - no - double dare you, to even try to watch all the videos on his YouTube profile in succession without giving yourself a cracked face and aching belly from laughing.

'Shredding' (as the YouTube term for dubbing musicians with new, really bad soundtracks seems to be) isn't new, but this guy is an expert! Adam informed us that ST's next video will be a dub of Blade Runner - in it's entirety - and you can see from this preview - it's going to be amazing!

Some other delights included showing a video by breakcore-mentalist Ladyscraper showing Transformers playing the drums to spazzed-out gabba. Adam enquired if there were any Ladyscraper fans in the audience, therewas a resounding 'no', but there was one - me!

Another weird video was this one below from Die Antwoord - a South African serious?/pisstake?/art project? clip which will haunt you in your sleep and is just odd, odd, odd.

Adam was what you might term 'proper sound' and even had a pint and a little chat with yours truley after the show at the bar. If you liked any of that - there's more on Adam's YouTube Channel here - 'Sausages' is recommended - and some of the other stuff shown can be seen on the BUGS website here The 'Themselves' video on the far right is flippin' mental.