Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Twitter - I mean, really... They got the name right: it includes the word 'Twit'; inspires the word 'Twat'; and gives the impression - it's what timewasting old biddies do to comprise their day.

I get the impression that Twitterers are of the same ilk (but a differn't brand) of the folk who would watch Big Brother's 24hr footage while everyone is sleeping... with one major difference - they're not interested in others sleeping, just themselves.

Why I would want to know this???
  • "Just woke up from a bomb ass nap...lol.."
  • "Just woke up, still sleepy. "
  • "Jus woke up from a good nap on my gramas couch."
  • "im tired! i woke up"
  • "I feel so proud of myself, woke up late by 30mins. Yet i can get ready in 10mins and leave home as scheduled."
  • "woke up from a terrible nap ... how lovely. "
  • "Did a very crazy thing yesterday. Woke up happy but scred this morning."
  • "iono ugh.i woke up this way doe"
  • "Just woke up from a nap. Yes, a nap. "
  • "just woke up from an all day nap, lol."
  • "It was good, I just woke up. "
  • "Dreamt that I woke up with a gap between my front teeth. I was wk"
And yes, they are all real 'Tweets'.

I know! I know!! Stephen Fry uses Twitter - so let's see what he has to say then:

"No. Yes. Mm. Agree completely. That fellow in the M&S advert does look amazingly like me. Astonishingly really."
- Stephen Fry on Twitter

Well fuck me.

Let's face it: if you can say it in 140 characters or less 14 times a day, it really can't be worth saying now can it?

http://twitter.com/misskatieprice - a twat (recommended Twitterer)

Jordan recently mentioned me in her Tweets here

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