Thursday, 26 November 2009

Lip-Sync Video Art

I've been working with the rather loveley Caitlin Griffiths (artist) recently who is delving into the realms of Cuckooing once again. She is obviously quite mental as she's the practice coach for Birmingham Blitz Dames Roller Derby Team and doing a Masters and PhD at the same time. We've been working with George, who has Foreign Accent Syndrome. George is from East London. One day he had a stroke, and now he speaks a little like he's from Italy.

We've also had the pleasure of an old friend of Caitlin's, Martin Gooch, who has worked on loadsa good stuff. And directed Hollyoaks. He makes dodgy B-movies by the looks of things, and has made a selection of dirty films which apparently Christian Slater is resisting. He has a little site here which I like very much.

The project revolves around a lip-sync video based on 2 into 1 by artist Gillian Wearing. As seen below. I won't give much more away, as Caitlin may smash me into a barrier, but keep your eyes peeled for an exhibition around Birmingham in the not-too-distant-future showing the piece. I'm tipped it may be a Trove show curated by Charlie Levine.

In the meantime enjoy the original 2 into 1, which I do believe I still have on VHS myself somewhere, probably from when it was on TV as this version must have been. It's strangely troubling...

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  1. I think that it is a greate thing to do masters and phd in the same time.