Thursday, 26 November 2009

Lip-Sync Video Art

I've been working with the rather loveley Caitlin Griffiths (artist) recently who is delving into the realms of Cuckooing once again. She is obviously quite mental as she's the practice coach for Birmingham Blitz Dames Roller Derby Team and doing a Masters and PhD at the same time. We've been working with George, who has Foreign Accent Syndrome. George is from East London. One day he had a stroke, and now he speaks a little like he's from Italy.

We've also had the pleasure of an old friend of Caitlin's, Martin Gooch, who has worked on loadsa good stuff. And directed Hollyoaks. He makes dodgy B-movies by the looks of things, and has made a selection of dirty films which apparently Christian Slater is resisting. He has a little site here which I like very much.

The project revolves around a lip-sync video based on 2 into 1 by artist Gillian Wearing. As seen below. I won't give much more away, as Caitlin may smash me into a barrier, but keep your eyes peeled for an exhibition around Birmingham in the not-too-distant-future showing the piece. I'm tipped it may be a Trove show curated by Charlie Levine.

In the meantime enjoy the original 2 into 1, which I do believe I still have on VHS myself somewhere, probably from when it was on TV as this version must have been. It's strangely troubling...

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Twitter - I mean, really... They got the name right: it includes the word 'Twit'; inspires the word 'Twat'; and gives the impression - it's what timewasting old biddies do to comprise their day.

I get the impression that Twitterers are of the same ilk (but a differn't brand) of the folk who would watch Big Brother's 24hr footage while everyone is sleeping... with one major difference - they're not interested in others sleeping, just themselves.

Why I would want to know this???
  • "Just woke up from a bomb ass"
  • "Just woke up, still sleepy. "
  • "Jus woke up from a good nap on my gramas couch."
  • "im tired! i woke up"
  • "I feel so proud of myself, woke up late by 30mins. Yet i can get ready in 10mins and leave home as scheduled."
  • "woke up from a terrible nap ... how lovely. "
  • "Did a very crazy thing yesterday. Woke up happy but scred this morning."
  • "iono ugh.i woke up this way doe"
  • "Just woke up from a nap. Yes, a nap. "
  • "just woke up from an all day nap, lol."
  • "It was good, I just woke up. "
  • "Dreamt that I woke up with a gap between my front teeth. I was wk"
And yes, they are all real 'Tweets'.

I know! I know!! Stephen Fry uses Twitter - so let's see what he has to say then:

"No. Yes. Mm. Agree completely. That fellow in the M&S advert does look amazingly like me. Astonishingly really."
- Stephen Fry on Twitter

Well fuck me.

Let's face it: if you can say it in 140 characters or less 14 times a day, it really can't be worth saying now can it? - a twat (recommended Twitterer)

Jordan recently mentioned me in her Tweets here