Saturday, 31 October 2009

15 best free software downloads

Mostly it's for web design or audio/video so excuse my if it's all a little techy.

DONT WORRY! : I'll add in a few cheap jokes to keep the non-techy amongst you entertained.

General stuff:

Better than Microsoft Office! You can create Office Docs with it, works with docx files (I've had to convert them online recently with, it's crossplatform and more stable than the juddering old granny that is Word. Apart from a small confusion I had over where the hell the Page Setup bit was in the Word Processor (format>page which actually makes more sense) I've found it to be great!

Free 2GB of online datastorage (a virtual USB stick) - and works just like a folder on your machine, where you can copy stuff to - you can make it accessible to anyone online too (share photos, files etc). Charming little site, easy install, really useful!

Nero 9 - free version
I'm sick of vista fullstop and the annoying default dialogue wastes my CDROMs. Not actually used this Nero freeware, but Nero is always good. Statistically... 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape.

Creative stuff:

Online Image Editing - works just like Photoshop and it a bit more comfy than the other free Photoshop-but-not-actually-Photoshop freebie Gimp.

Full on 3D studio!!! Free!! Scary! Albino... You can't say fairer than that.

Online audio editing! Really! Import, export, trim, fade, reverse. All your basic audio editing features online.

Virtual Dub
Digital video editor (AVI's no Quicktime though). Magic little toolkit for trimming and batch converting video files.

Mindbendingly-powerful and totally intuitive AV programming environment. Once you learn it's little quirks you'll fall in love with it's beautiful interface and be building samplers, 3D worlds and videofx in no time.

Web designer stuff, noone else will be interested in:

Mozilla's - web developer plugin
Great little Add-on for Mozilla that does nifty jobs you'll use every day as a web designer to test pages. A man goes into a library and asks for a book on suicide. The librarian says; "Fuck off, you won't bring it back."

Free install for servers - installs PHP, MySQL and Apache server in a click. Perfect! Saves all the hassle, easy to install and use - even comes with an Apache-ON/OFF control panel. I'm using it for testing out PHP parsing offline.

Little context menu tool for pc that gives you new options like quick advanced find and replace and folder syncronisation. Simple, but I find myself using it a lot.

Crimson Editor
Nice lil Notepad replacement source code editor for windows. Includes FTP. Why doesn't Viagra work on chavs? Cos they only get hard when they've got ten mates behind them.

Handy cross-platform browser compatibilty screenshot creator for Web Designers to check their pages dont go AWOL on the iPhone or OSX.

Great FTP client does the job well, no fuss. Connect to mutiple servers at once. My sister talks about sex online with people she doesn't know. She thinks ;)

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  1. Eeek! DON'T SAVE PASSWORDS in Filezilla - it is targeted by phishing malware which steals them to access your websites!

    Also Checkout the awesome Browser Sandbox ( Spoon - run any browser from the net - great for Web Developers to test with.

    Other goodies include CamStudio ( free screen capture software.