Saturday, 26 September 2009

A Feast of Meat

Screamed my balls off at the debut gig of the newly born musical beast that is Meat Feast at The Gifford Arms in Wolverhampton, which turned out to be a cute little rock venue complete with gothic red curtains, satanic insignia and even The Chair of Doom. We played alongside Faith No More tribute (The weirdly titled) Faith No Man.

Drummer uITgs Thetroll in 'The Chair of Doom' - Gifford Arms

If you were unaware, before I did a disappearing act, I was playing bass in Brummy experimental metal band Jazz Thrash Assassin (newly renamed Meat Feast) and to cut a long story short, while I was away they fired screamer Splakoph (now in Contorted Hazel) and shortly after, screaming keyboard player Anna Krusis left. So guess who's filling in?? Yep... dickhead here.

Not only am I spitting blood and grunting, I'm trying to sort out some keyboard parts by sequencing them using a laptop. The screaming is going well, but the keyboard and samples etc are not, as of yet. We've tried click tracks, but as of yet have not found a good way to get the parts back in...

We're playing some of the old stuff with a few new twists, and some new. We have also been joined by The Baron (also in Viking Metal band Haerken) on 2nd guitar and of course Adam (my replacement bass player) is still with us. We have a dirty new website here and are looking to play some serious gigs in the Midlands between now and Christmas. Next on the calendar is what has been dubbed A Secret Backroom Butchery on our MySpace - it's actually a triple 30th Birthday party at which we intend to go a little mental. Also DJing at the event will be ex-JB's (Dudley) DJ (and ex-Wasted Race drummer) Jimmy Darko and Paul from TeeT Shirts who it turns out has incredible taste in hilariously cheesy electro - such as Chromeo. Apparently they do all their interviews through a vocoder! Magic... Enjoy.

Haerken play the Black Horse in Aston, Birmingham on the 16th of October.

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