Thursday, 3 September 2009

Blah (The Redux of Redux)

Hmmm.... I'm finding it hard to blog right now (full stop), as my wireless router doesn't seem to want to know my computer... but that's enough of excuses... and poetry...

On Phones...
After a row with phone company 3 (who assured me that I could 'freeze' my account (and pay nothing) while I was abroad until I came back - I found out (when I called them at Heathrow airport) that their staff lied to me (and that I would be paying line rental until I returned) and that 'freezing an account is impossible'. I cancelled my account and switched to 02 (pay as you go) who have since given me 50 free digital photos courtesy of Snapfish and some other goodies... Fuck 3, I say, whose staff are obviously incompetent lying idiots.

Receive random automated phone calls for crap you don't want? My house is attacked every day by an immense number of stupid calls by random recorded messages. Opt out of them here, at the Telephone Preference Service.

On Music...
I am loving Sigur Ros at the moment with occasional bouts of Radiohead, The Cardigans, Carcass, Type O Negative, System of a Down (who I recently discovered) and P.J. Harvey.

The Cardigans are curious. A lot of people don't 'get' them. The Cardigans entertain me endlessly because their songs seem so sickly sweet and still manage to contain the occassional subversive lyric that undermines the whole meaning - swiftly changing what is so painfully nice to... eek.. an abusive relationship. I am having difficultly finding a good example, but can't help the feeling that they are intrinsically cynical and their lyrics are sly, clever, little pins under your skin. What I like more is the disgust with which most people puke at them!

Type O Negative
are genius! I had always suspected that their second album "Origin of the Feces" was never really a live album - but I found out yesterday, when Roadrunner gave them the cash to make it, they went out and spent it all on cheap vodka, then recorded it in the drummers basement and added in crowd noises after, including a fake police bombscare in the middle of the set. Genius... and completely hilarious. Here's some negativity for you:


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  2. How I've missed the ravings of a mad man... and I think I will have a listen to type o negative - never have before!