Saturday, 1 August 2009

Drawings (7)

These are pretty old now, possibly 10 years in fact, but I just found them on my computer. I'm desparate to actually get some of my drawings shown soon, as I seem to have half a forests-worth of them spread across the house. If you can help me out in exhibiting them, want to use them or want to own any please get in touch!

Tori Amos suckling a pig from the Boys for Pele album inlay.

Played a live Gabba Techno set at Kidderminster College years ago with Adam 'Funkagenda' Walder
and used some great samples from Roald Dahl audio books, one which said "And Now for the Monkeys!".

Madonna just got home apparently..

Artwork for a comic made with Dexstah of
Dexstah & Babs fame, back in collage.

Many moons ago I ran a night in Stourbridge called
Breadfan with Ad Walder. This is an illustration for the flyer. Can't remember if we used it - I don't think we did, but I kinda like the fork stabbing anyway. Oh - we toasted bread behind the DJ booth by the way and threw it into the crowd... fun times.

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