Saturday, 13 September 2008

Fantasy.Fashion.Sex -: Go Tokyo

I've had a minor obsession with Japan since I was about 18 and went mad on Manga. Obviously I was a prime example of a teenager being into Manga and Metal, and moody. So anyway when I think of Tokyo, I think of Akira, but alongside imaginary Kanada's & Tetsuo's blazing around on motorcycles and the place being destroyed by dark forces, mutants and Godzilla... I've found there are equally fantastic but real people and places there...

In Harajuku district the Cosplay-zuko (Costume Play Gang) turn up most weekend's at Jingu-bashi bridge. These moody teens find escape in dressing up, and dress as Anime characters or other stylised alter-ego's from music, film, games and fantasy; bloody nurses, Goth's, Lolita's and cyberpunks all gather and hang out. Tourist's turn up in droves to snap them apparently and here's why...

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In Shibuya you get Ganguro Fashion which consists of Manba & Yamanba girls who get tanned to the max, then go seriously blonde. Apparently this all goes totally against traditional Japanese concepts of beauty and the girls are generally seen as well... probably what girls who dress like these Barbie's from Hell (complete with worldly treasures and scorching) would be seen as over here; slappers...

Victory V's seem to be the thing to do when being snapped in Tokyo it seems

Back in the day, when Japanese families all lived together (inc. Nan, Grandad and Great Uncle Rodney) it was tricky for Mom & Dad to find space to get jiggy and add another member to the family. So they used to go and find a quiet room in a Love Hotel where questions are not asked and you can hire the room by the hour. Now this doesn't sound too unusual does it? Until you find out that many Love Hotels are themed... and in true Japanese style you can bonk your missus (or anyone else you care to lure) in a room decorated as... well... a clinic, a forest, a school room or subway car. Or perhaps you'd prefer inside a boiler? or as an alien in a spaceship, or on a Carousel horse?? or even as Wallace & Gromit, in a room complete with oversized TV and furniture..?!?

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Oh did I mention, I'm in Tokyo this Halloween?? hehe. Lucky me. Here's my fave scene from Akira...

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Wisdom from Disabled World (TM)

This gave me much amusement on it's discovery, and I feel that the wisdom given herein from this Disability and Seniors Information and Community site should be passed on to others.