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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Tweeting into space

I have found myself updating my online Twitter account. This disturbs me, as i get the distinct impression i am writing brief statements to the Internet for no particular reason, with no mission in mind and a microscopic audience. Status updates? What is the point? Curious...

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  1. Just ask any social media expert - of which there are many on Twitter - and they'll tell you it's something to do with micro blogging and a revolution of some sort.

    It works best if you have a lot of friends on it, but even then it's just lots of rambling.

  2. mmm... status updates, on Facebook say, i can relate to, cos they are almost a subtitle to your profile - this is how 'I'm feeling at present' - a kinda introduction to the other info on there, but what purpose does 'I just washed the car have'? They sound like the introduction to a conversation you are unable to continue...(?)

  3. I use it mainly to ask questions. But as most of my twitter pals are social media experts, not necessarily artists as such, I don't really feel integrated into the conversation all that much. People like talk a lot about social media and it just aint my thang.

    So yeah, ask questions or report on an event and you'll more than likely get responses

  4. I like the ones from Oblique_Chirps. They kinda remind me of Jenny Holzer.

  5. I like your random updates, Ben. They're like little bursts of surreal poetry in my day.

    The thing about twitter is you can use it however works best for you, some people use it like chat, some as a mini-blog, some to give live reporting of an event they're doing, it's entirely up to you, just keep doing it.

  6. I am scared to open the link for twitter to find out what it is.

    With all the time I currently spend online, I think I need a social site diet.

    Hhmmmm.... maybe that's an article in the making for - I wonder what responses I will get....?