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Thursday, 3 July 2008

On getting flummoxed...

Tonight I'm off silent raving at Flummoxed thanks to Flux-fest run from VIVID and hosted by 7 Inch Cinema. I am also told to bring my best worst vinyl for a 3 deck mix and a marker to create flickbooks. Can't wait:)

Ian Francis and 7 Inch Cinema have consistently brought exciting new music, film and frolicks to Birmingham. Here's an interview curteosy of Created in Birmingham

Don't miss out on the remaining fun at Flux-fest either, there's plenty more to be had....

PS. Did anyone mention I developed a piece of video mixing (VJ) software called PHLUMX used at a fair few 7 Inch events in the past?..? LOL


  1. I like your last comment... sales count now........

  2. It's now a free download for PC:)