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Friday, 4 July 2008

another album that amazes me on every listen

Another album which is incredible and I still listen to a lot is Paw's Dragline. How they write such powerful stuff about things like a dog, or fishing, or drinking is just plain unusual... Post-grunge stuff, very American but what a fuckin album... I own it on tape and it is in danger of being chewed up and spat out every time I play it. I need a copy on CD which will have to be 2nd hand because you cant buy it anymore. I pretty much dosn't exist online either.. :(

This video is Jessie I'd rather have put Sleeping Bag on here but it seems every YouTube video of the band has been videod from across the room while watching it on ancient VHS equipment as the tape is being mangled...

Judging by the posts on YouTube for Sleeping Bag there's a few out there who also love this album. Death to Traitors was not so good an album, and to be honest the newer stuff sounds a pretty dull. Strange how sometimes a band will just unexpectedly pull an amazing album out the bag.

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