Wednesday, 26 March 2008

How has being creative become so difficult?

When I was at Uni and College, I immersed myself in endless creativity - painting, drawing, writing, making computer games, videos, websites, music; always starting new projects. I suppose being on a course that's full-time and dedicated to being creative in an environment in which a group of others are doing the same thing really helps.

Now I seem to have a list of jobs to do. Some of which I get paid for, some of which I feel I need to do, and some which I'd like to do, but never seem to get around to doing. And instead of starting new projects I just seem to try and refine old ones, hoping that they'll progress rather than starting fresh. I suppose my ideas about what is successful have changed. I used to believe that you just needed great content, but the world has proven otherwise and you need a hell of a lot more than content to get anywhere, like finance, marketing, distribution etc. and unless your lucky enough to have someone else do this for you, you seem to end up doing this more and more, and making less and less. I suppose you just need to set aside time to be creative, which is always problematic, as time designated to produce unknown results always seems a bit less productive when you could be ploughing through a list of to-do jobs. And when inspiration strikes it's always better to drop everything and get on with it I suppose.

So instead of actually doing something, I am sitting here writing about not doing anything. Typical! ... How can I be more creative?

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Evil Kids will take over... but now there's fun to be had

I was going to write something about how kids are going to take over the world through chaos and violence, but it was getting too grim and serious, and since I had not 1 but 2 strange dreams last night (in my feverish state) about my house being invaded by evil youths, I'm not going to anymore. If you'd rather read stuff like that go here; otherwise here's my usual brief creative review!

Alicia Dubnyckyj - Tokyo Collection

Had the op to speak to the lovely Alicia Dubnyckyj who had some interesting things to say on my previous Richard Billingham blog since she once dated him! (Hope you don't mind me mentioning it here!?) Nice to see people I went to Uni with who are still at work and have made a career from their art. Then I went to watch The Next Men at The Rainbow in a kinda drunk but mostly uneventful evening, apart from a friend being thrown out for pissing on a chair and me dancing like a gibbon to drum & bass.

7 Inch Cinema at the Hare & Hounds was great - their Straight 8 ( selection was really good. The premise being you take one super 8 cartridge, shoot it and present it without editing, so you have to be kinda organised and ready to live with any mistakes. Chris Keenan had his Fidget played again and spoke about it briefly which was quite funny. Here's my fave from the screening by Jacqueline Wright and Alice Lowe, the hysterical and lyrical 'Sticks & Balls'!

Dave Rhodes was involved in the recent New Horizons graduate show at Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, his dustbin-lid masks where amongst the array of slightly-over-cramped but never the less interesting new art on show. Also got to Yardbirds to see some jazz, delayed trumpets - wicked!

I went on a mission to Reading to catch the Where I Lived and What I Lived for show by the Juneau/Projects/ that I worked on: 6 brightly painted instruments are playable via little beer can plectrums and trigger video screens of squirrels to enter and play minute versions of the instruments along with you. How much fun! Nice to see the little drums, guitars, horn etc in the flesh too, surrounded by tubs of peanut butter..!

I also managed to see Autechre at the medicine bar, who were in the dark oddly, which seemed to slightly under-impress most who were expecting maybe at least stage lighting. Still the set was pretty good and accessible for Autechre who on occasion can sound like your brain is a bag of microchips being crushed underfoot. Nice to catch a few of the Brum Creative lads floating around and a few other likelys.

Jazz Thrash Assassin played at JB's last weekend alongside Slipnot. Captain Ed & Jin Pow's Jin Krogan (who also did the artwork for the EP) joined us live on stage as Sharon Format and bust some stunning moves to disco classic 'Black Boots'! Much fun!.. apart from the disastrous start when, on the first note of the first track my strap flew off and then 2 minutes later my lead came out.. this is why I tape everything in place with duck-tape! I should probably mention here 3 of us were waring aprons and one a PE kit.