Saturday, 2 February 2008

Adventures in Art

Crowd6 held a show the other day in Bearwood called 'Step' currated by Charlie Levine. The premise of the show being that in order to view art works need to be seen independantly of each other so as to avoid contamination from other works. Thus the show is split into 3 steps. Each 'step' replacing the single work of art with a new one which is the only piece in the space.

The first offering is from Will Clifford, a bottom-lit plinth with what appears to be a small plastic cup set on top. The cup is actually created by layering paint inside it then, finally, removing the cup to leave the cup-shaped painting. It's quite striking in the small space especially as the plinth is the only source of light in the evening.

There's a crit on the piece tonight at the gallery at 7pm if your interested. Step2 is Beverley Holden (8th - 14th Feb), Step3 is Caitlin Griffiths (15th - 21st Feb)

Well anyways after the Private View people made their way over to the becoming-ever-so-familiar Snooker hall over the road for drinks, and a good mate of mine turned up and decided, since we were there he'd take full advantage of whipping my ass at snooker, and did. As we played, we noticed the occassional person would dissapear or appear from a small door at the back of the large hall. So, naturally, we decided to explore ;P and after making our way through a small adjecent pool hall found ourselves wandering down a small flight of stone stairs into what seemed to be a cellar, where we found a room with a large glass window.

Through the glass we could observe a room of teenagers carrying each other around piggy back, there was also a drum kit, and a dwarf speaking into a microphone. They didn't seem to notice us, I have no idea if the glass was one-way or not, but we watched for a bit, then left.. before they started speaking backwards. After this, we rode an armchair back home, across the ice.


  1. Now, Ben, did that last paragraph of stuff really happen?

    We all know what happens to children who lie, don't we?

  2. I should have perhaps phrased the line "before they started speaking backwards" as "instead they started speaking backwards", but the rest is gospel.

  3. We spent about an hour last night wandering around the Snooker Hall trying to find your magical cellar and we saw not a hint of it.

    Perhaps it's like Narnia, and comes and goes...

  4. Hmm... Well me & Lev have a knack for adventure. Previously he's driven me back to his in a small mop bucket. The arm chair was a relative luxury LOL

  5. I can now confirm that every word you said was true, who'd have thought

  6. Well you know, we all know what happens to children who lie, don't we..?