Sunday, 20 January 2008

Inland Empires

Well, I've just watched David Lynch's amazing INLAND EMPIRE again and am still none the wiser. I (perhaps) boastfully said to a friend the other day that I 'got' Lynch's films to some degree, even the weird ones, but failed to get my head around Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain.

I would like to hold my hand up and announce that INLAND EMPIRE is far, far more bizarre than The Holy Mountain, and that's saying something. Weirder even than Miike Takashi's Visitor Q.

Right now I am tired. I was up early to throw my sorry ass about a TV studio for a Jazz Thrash Assassin appearance on RedTV (Sky Channel 186 - due to broadcast in Feb), followed by afternoon beers with Walt and El Robbo, so... Patrick from New York can give you his thoughts on the film here in his blog;)

Here's more if your hungry for insights into the film

[If you've seen any recent interviews with Lynch on video lately], what the hell is going on with right hand when ever he mentions something ephemeral, conceptual or abstract? Craziness

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