Tuesday, 15 January 2008

A Day of Rest & Big Thinking

Today I have had the opportunity to tackle the big issues in life, so here goes...


Well... today I collapsed. Again. Which was nice. Apparently I have low blood pressure and this means when I stand up quick I sometimes collapse.

So far this has happened 3 times; once in the morning, after a night out and I stood up and went to the door to get a cup of tea (Tea-related collapse). The second time just after waking up I was on my way to the toilet (more on toilets later...) in a flat i used to rent. I got to the door, went to jelly & collapsed (Wee-related collapse). This morning I was pretty knackered, after a hectic day yesterday & playing football last night, and had to eject myself from bed to get to up for work. I made it to the light-switch by the door and... collapsed.

This leads me to think that it's not the getting up that's the problem, I'm good at that, it's just when i get near a door. Maybe I should leave by another method.

Time & Music
I am a bit addicted to Facebook and am slightly disappointed that everyone else on there is not as active as I am. A Facebook friend announced (on Facebook), that there were some articles on The Guardian site as to why it is evil and should be avoided. The articles were mainly about how they are targeting ad's at you, but to be honest they've not started to bother me yet and I was more interested in why I am addicted? Apparently as far as social networking sites go Facebook is fast looking to take over MySpace, but MySpace may has one redeeming feature - Music. And interestingly another addiction is music - in particular certain tracks - which I have on repeat pretty much endlessly on my PC and mp3 player, and tend to have in my head even if I'm not listening to them through some electrical device. Wow, I really am becoming a geek, but as we all know geek is the new cool, and saying that it's time for 'Airz' by Cutting Pink with Knives - my latest addiction since Plastic Boy's 'Life isn't easy Mike'.

Here's there amazing video for CPWK's 'Laser Hannon' track. I cannot believe I missed these guys when they played The Rainbow last.

The World
Apparently Brazil is a Pretty Dangerous place, with a capital P and D... or so my DJ friend Funkagenda tells me on messenger. Africa is easier to travel around than you'd think according to The Rough Guide to First-Time Around the World and seems like a very dusty place however you choose to travel. The Japanese language uses a concept of particles within sentence structure which means you can say the same sentence in a different order and it will still mean the same thing: the important thing is the preceding word which indicates whether the man bit the dog or the dog him. Japanese toilets may have a selection of buttons for various flushes and other functions. Many less developed countries simply go with a hole in the ground - negating the need for contact with your toilet at all. Bizarre that 'more sanitary' toilets require more contact than 'unsanitary' ones.

Here's Mr.Funkagenda at work at Global Gathering 07, jammy beggar;

Religion & Philosophy
I'm kinda keen on books with a philosophical element and there's an amazing book by Richard Dawkins's bought by my mother for me this xmas called The God Delusion which is an exercise in reasonably discussing why God does not exist and is a breath of fresh air for anyone who was always a bit suss. For those who do believe - you should read it anyway, just to make sure you do.

Met a nice guy & artist Harminder Singh Judge the other night, who had an installation at VIVID when I did Sewn to the Sky for the first time with Juneau/Projects/. I'm always out to help promote what folks are up to so, here's some Birmingham and religion based artwork from a guy with a sense of humour about these things:


Here's some things I did already knew but thought I'd mention just to help my memory; Christianisty and Islam both descend from Judaism. Pantheists believe God and Nature are one and the same thing. Metaphysics is the philosophy of being and knowing. Ontology is a branch of metaphysics dealing specifically with the nature of being. Epistemology is the theory of knowledge and Phemomonology is the science of phenomena & study of consciousness and object of experience, being distinct from being ie, Ontology.

Here's something that turned up on a God-related search on YouTube. Enjoy.

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  1. I read that Guardian article as well. I think most of what he says is valid. I think the most worrying thing is that we're just giving up all this information freely... You can even view statistics for each network you're in.

    One other Guardian article (can't remember which) suggest that this year most of the UK will experience Facebook fatigue: That is, we'll all suddenly realise that, once you've added all your friends surfing Facebook is a pretty boring and redundant activity. I'm starting to suffer that already. Join the revolution!