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Sunday, 16 December 2007

Rock Art & Dressing Up

Played the Barfly with Jazz Thrash Assassin on the 15th dressed in a pair of turquoise slacks and a tiny jumper. Sadly my hair kept falling off and lasted on my head all of about 3 seconds. The idea was to be dressed as an old man, but I looked more like some kind of deranged Erasure fan. I had worn the wig at a previous gig but had a hood and cap to keep the thing on then. Mental Note: Duck tape needed for next time. Random Conflict were pretty impressive again, found myself moshing out with Mr.Pea. Went out after with Ben Screamer, Pea & Walt and poor Walt got so hammered he blacked out on the stairs in the Xposure Rock Cafe, fell down them smacked his head off the floor at the bottom! After spazzing out at the gig & then playing football I was aching all over by Wednesday.

Saw Gogol Bordello in Wolves & they were excellent. The encore went on and on - i figure that endless partying is probably part of the Gogol lifestyle! The support band were good too, kind of French punk-Drum n Bass-dub thing goin on. No idea what they were called. Spotted some photos online from there somewhere too..

Emma Bowen's Periscope show was also good, lots of bits of MDF and other items dotted about the small space. It's good that she finally made it happen as it was due earlier in the year but didn't materialise. It's the final show for the space, as I believe it's moving somewhere else. Got slightly sozzled in the bar after. Which was nice.

Saw the final show at Crowd 6 last night too. It seems that 2008 is going to see a change for these little art venues. The walls of the gallery had nicely and tastelessly been decorated. I just missed the AAS performance but managed to see what Stuart had caught on video - 4 robed performers pulling dripping tinsel entrails from their stomachs and hanging it on a Christmas tree. Nice concept, would have been good as real entrails or similar meat-based substance thought I. Just found this of it online:

Captain Ed & Dave Miller's performance was enjoyable - a storytelling really. Dave was a mermaid in top hat and Ed was great as he tongued at his 'melted cheese' rubber pirate mask. I was particularly liking the mini-Marshall amps they wore on their belts, which were completely unnecessary to amplify their voices in the small space, but somehow they made them appear tooled up for the job.

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  1. Yeah it was a good night, incidentally, the a.a.s. performance didn't use real entrails as it was an investigation into Christmas traditions, and tinsel is meant to have come from shamen putting animal entrails on trees. We were also thinking about the coke/Santa's outfit connection.

    More pictures and info here