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Saturday, 22 December 2007


I am REALLY hating Windows Vista and as much as I want to resist moaning (and particularly about computer related things) - I have got to get this out of my system!!

What I HATE about Vista;
  • Ten thousand, "Can I do this? - Can I please? - Are you certain about that? - What really? -Well I did warn you..." Messages popping up every 2 bloody seconds - I'm all for security but -- fuck off!!!

  • Sometimes it'll detect your broadband connection, sometimes not. If not I have to disable the connection in my network settings and re-enable it, sometimes it displays this as a little icon, sometimes as a list view. Well thats consistency for you.

  • The search tool - what the hell is this all about - I can't search by file type or anything more useful than a tag name?! What??!! Apparently it's really great.. no it ISNT!

  • Why cant I listen to my media player without constant skipping and stuttering? ARGH! I've got 2x 64bit processors in there, what are they doing if I can't even word process without the occassional skipping?

  • "Windows has just updated itself and as a result has decided that it would like to turn it's self off and restart - I assume this is the perfect time for you right now?? No? Oh well, would you like to postpone this irritating message for 10 mins? Yes? Great I'll try to shut you down in tens mins then instead of right now..." Thanks a lot.

  • "So your a web designer ey? Well let's upload some images then... Ta-da!! there you go.. What? Iv'e split it in half, coloured parts grey or otherwise mangled it? Dont be daft! Look it's not Vista it's your FTP software, try uploading onto your Myspace.. aah.. OK maybe it IS Vista." -- HOW do I fix this? It's doing my nut in - I have to use my old machine to upload image files just to be sure they work?? Blaaargh.

  • Copy and pasting - yes there's something we'll be using a lot... Slow? Hmm let's compare with your old XP machine - what? It works better and at 3 times the speed? How strange... I thought Vista was supposed to be an improvement.

  • A Password, that's good for security - what vista does is not allow you to save any passwords in Outlook etc. just to really irritate the shit out of you, and make your use of Windows even more labour intensive. Oh and so you have to buy the new version on everything.

  • And just to REALLY take the piss - none of your other old software or hardware will work - FUCKING SUPER..!!

  • Well Vista's been around for a bit now and yeah, there's always teething problems, I know, but how about some bloody fixes then?!

The only positive features I've found on Vista are: The combination of Explorer and File Browser, the bigger image views and Preview app, and the new Media Player. WOW. I've never really taken part in the PC/MAC debate but I would now say BUY A NEW MAC & NOT A PC to anyone who asked. If I had a copy of XP I'd partition my HD and install that. Vista is a rubbish attempt to level with OSX!!

Fuck off and die Bill Gates!


  1. Oh and one I forgot - the Windows off button just puts it to sleep, the real off button is in a sub-menu...genius.

    I found a better way and installed Auto-mate - my machine now powers down when I press Alt+Q. Which is actually a great solution.

    PS. I appreciate that some things mentioned could be linked to settings/non-vista specific software etc. but I just wanted a rant about them anyway - so there!

  2. I agree completely on this and microsoft has done basically nothing to fix it. I also hate Linux and thats why i plan to switch to OS X very soon and leave behind this Windows, Linux messup. Fuck you Bill Gates and Fuck You Linus Torvalds (ps: who is up himself, search google for linus torvalds vs os x, to understand what i mean)

  3. I read on the BBC website that "Microsoft has not left much to chance. To iron out bugs, some five million people have tested Vista over the past year or two." (Jan 07). Why is it SOOO bad then?!?

    and then in a later article (mar 07) info on how painful and mostly mostly pointless an exercise upgrading to it is:

    Another great review from eWeek is this one (Jan 08); "Technically, Vista is pure misery. It eats system resources like an elephant does peanuts, Windows applications break and its so-called improved security is a joke. I know it. You know it. Even Microsoft's most devoted yes-men know it--although they won't admit it--and perhaps Microsoft knows it as well.

    What else can explain why Microsoft is now leaking news about Windows 7"

    ..and seems to point to the fact that Windows are just going to bypass any attempts at working Vista out, in preference of just releasing another new version, which I'm sure you'd love to pay for.

    The message couldn't be clearer - STICK WITH XP. I have the disk and am just about to reinstall it.