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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Help me!! I'm too generous!

Anyone got any bright ideas on the following problem..

I made a piece of software ( I tried selling it with little success. So I made it free. It's now being downloaded/used, but its costing me every month in datatransfer (ie, the process of many people downloading it). What do I do?


  1. Hmm. I have no experience of this but have you looked into getting it hosted elsewhere? I seem to remember Google or somebody doing a service like this. Or maybe you could approach a related company to see if they'd be interested in hosting it for you?

    Another alternative would be to set up a bit-torrent server and distribute it that way - spread the load a bit.

    Be interested to hear what works.

  2. How about looking at Set it up as a project and enable people to download it from there.

    Not too sure if this works properly for a finished piece of software, but you never know...

  3. Hmm looking at Sourceforge now, will have to check out wether preffered language is needed - mines coded in Director and would need 3rd party Xtras to operate properly. Hosting elsewhere though is probably a quick and easy answer!

  4. I've since relocated it to my eSellerate site for free downloading without the pain of paying for it all....