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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Friendly Spamming & Culture Jamming

Today, thanks to Ian at 7 Inch Cinema, I got introduced to Flash Mobbing, a strangely simple idea; Lots of people arrange to meet up at a place simultaneously and all do something odd, then quickly disperse.

The results are funny, explosive and profound. Obviously a favourite sport at Universities, Flash Mobs, you'll be pleased to find out, have a Birmingham contingency who are on the Mob tomorrow I think:
(although i am currently unable to check that link as myspace's usual ' Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred.' message has appeared at that page... **king MySpace!! Moodle??! I should write a bloody book of hate for MySpace..! They should update the page to say; Sorry! another expected error has occurred.)

Anyway, I digress.... Flash Mobbing ranges from hundreds of people simultaneously shooting each other, to silent raves and pillow fights...

See below;

Heres a nice one from Manchester;

Just a small addition here on the end - You've gotta love the latest 'forward this' message going round on Facebook it's the only one with a point to it.

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