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Friday, 28 December 2007

For Her this Xmas: Mime, Make-Up & Body-Mods

Right, now xmas has been successfully bypassed this year...

The other day a friend sent me a YouTube link of two girls miming to 'Im so Excited' by Le Tigre, and a thought occurred; Is video-miming the new karaoke? I wonder if there are serious video-mimes, like the ever so sad 'serious karaoke artists'?

Another ego-centric series of YouTube videos found is all about putting on make-up, much of it gothy. I just picked this one cos strangely I've just listened to the same track myself ('Black No.1' by Type O Negative). Note the way she demonstrates her roots need dying to the lyrics? Important.

While on a more gruesome topic, there's plenty of body modification on YouTube and there's certainly some weird and wonderful stuff going on. Have a look these tricks you can do... if you ever fancied getting your tongue split...;

Other mods include tattoo's, scarification, under-skin inserts, extreme piercing, suspensions... all in the name of... erm.. Image? Is fashion the new religion? Eek!

And here's a girl that's done it all; here's her rendition of Barbie Girl, you can also see her put on make-up and get her septum pierced from her profile.

Sharken911's YouTube Profile

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