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Sunday, 25 November 2007

What I been watching...

Lots of Current TV. Channel is great lotsa art, interesting travel & news stuff. All short & relevant. Everything from Bull Scrote festivals to War journalism. On me Virgin Media cable doncha know...

Twin Peaks Series 2 is out now on DVD - I only waited 6 years for the thing to be released on PAL. You have to buy it from the Netherlands though. Its released in the US if you got a multi-region player. Otherwise still a wait in the UK for the complete collection.

Got Inland Empire on DVD too. 3 hours of confusion to delve into once again. It was only aired in Wolverhampton for a night when I saw it on cinema. Hard work, but genius. It's like an exercise in breaking all the rules of film-making.

On the subject of weird films, check out the Matthew Barney / Bjork epic - Drawing Restraint 9. Saw it at Electric Cinema in Brum and it really is stunning. There's a scene at the end where they slice each others legs to pieces in a bath. Hard work again but totally unlike any film your gonna get from Hollywoods endless tripe.

Here's an oldy I re-watched too; The Holy Mountain by
Alexander Jodorowsky. Really stunning & very visual - every shot laboured over and looks beautiful. Bizarre story, that completely lost me perhaps even more than Lynch! At least I feel at home deconstructing his films.

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