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Sunday, 25 November 2007

What I been listening to...

Got my CD today by Meet Me in St.Louis. Took best part of a month to turn up from Big Scary Monsters though, plus the vocalist has just left! Agg.. These guys are pretty mega, I'm loving 'Why thankyou Suzie' and 'The Torso Has Been Severed In Mid Thorax'. A friend said they sound pretty Emo, but they're better than that. You gotta know the lyrics, but the music is stunning anyways. Drummers great. Dont like the way the first track merges with the second though...

Another wicked band I've seen of late is Rolo Tomassi - young girl screamer - amazing live. I think the drummer was a builder and the synth player a manga bear when we saw em. Just check em out! Gonna go check em again in Wolverhampton in December.

Also: From the recent Specialten DVD - Bonde de Role. Brazilian electro stuff. Cheeky female singer. Great video.

In fact go buy Specialten now it's a real bargain; £5 and you get loadsa great music vids, shorts and animations. Guaranteed to introduce you to great things everytime. Buy it at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.

Apart from that I'm addicted to Joanna Newsom who is the best thing I descovered in many years, also on the back of that addiction; renewed interest in Tori Amos and Bjork.

That lot aside, I'm really getting off on Calyx (Dark DnB) and loadsa freaky breakcore (Wrong Music) - loving Jungle breaks that sound like they been dropped down the stairs!! Yess-eye!

Might try and use this blog as a way of testing my typing skills... Excuse the spelling errors!

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