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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

A few musical gems from my YouTube favourites

Apparently this is what Bjork's got on her new tour, but just have a look at this amazing bit of kit - The Reactable - is a synth, which is a table, onto which you place objects and move them around in relation to each other to create your sounds. WILD!

Here's Bjork kicking off using the thing (but not actually playing it sadly);

On the subject of music videos here's a few odds n sods I love;

Black Dice - 'Smiling Off', THE most bizarre music video I have ever seen and so truly fitting to their sound you can only commend the genius behind it.

Dillinger Escape Plan - If you don't already worship them, this is your reason too right here. These guys are worrying...

This is them at Virgin Mega Store a few years ago, doing a little bit of crowd pleasing;

This is brilliant: Music made from the objects in one room!;

Gogol Bordello - I'm on my way to see you soon..!

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