Friday, 16 September 2016

Chiptune meet Black Metal

Super-chuffed that I'm back in the studio with the inimitable Mr. Jon Garbett (aka Dr.G) with our chiptune-cum-black metal reinvention of Octopod. Just look at the excitement in this man's eyes...

Just to fill you in, back in January we released the Three EP on the MaggotHouse bandcamp site with 3 tracks of heavy, dancefloor-friendly beats with some awesome artwork from Stuart Tonge. Now we are back working with the badass engineering talents of Tom Gittins at his lush Monochrome Productions studio, and it is sounding immense!

We worked with Tom before on the little publicised Jazz Thrash Assassin single Pork Rind Grind and again on my favourite recording I've worked on - Meatfeast's Hands Like Claws EP. He did such a great job and really understood our angle, we knew he had to be involved once more.

The new Octopod tracks we're heard for the first time ever with live guitars at the 8 Bit Lounge gamer's event run by Leon Trimble and also for the first time ever with Bozwegian vocals at a Carnage Club album launch event alongside Stinky Wizzle Teat and Sealclubber.

In the studio we have been layering some doomy, Black Metal guitars, ring-modulated tapping, Slayer-esque riffery and sweeping solos over the same dancebeats that featured on the Three EP. Tortured screams and Burzum style moans are also featuring highly, and we may even push the vocal ideas much further when we go back to finish up.

More on all this soon, but in the meantime we may have a gig coming up thanks again to Stourbridge's Carnage Club, at Scary Canary Wednesday 12th October.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

The sound of old flames

Got the chance to see Torcher Chamber Arkestra yesterday at The MAC which was great. Tables covered with blown glass tubular things, bowls and glass marbles all being played by a percussionist, while another performer blew glass and a guy manipulated all the sounds live through a laptop, making it delay and squelch. Lots of alchemy and atmosphere, really enjoyed it - especially the simplicity of the movements combined with the variations in sound and material density etc. Favourite bit might have been at the end where glass bottles breathed in and out as they we're dipped into water. Worth checking out if you get chance.

After that I dived over to the Scary Canary venue in Stourbridge for some birthday fun and to wish local artist and old flame Wozart luck with his double marathon running. Check out some of Woz's artwork below.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Art Shows and Art Tells

"Bound to" - the "breathing" robotic sculptures I helped create for artist Halina Dominska were finally installed and shown at BCU back in June. After a few long days we successfully got the 5 silicone robotic skins, hung and naturally breathing in and out. Ultrasonic sensors we're used to detect distance and motion, and as audience members approached the skins came to life and started to breathe. Each object was controlled with an Arduino Nano that ran a mechanised motor attached to an internal armature to create the effect.

Halina's desire to make the fleshy objects approachable and friendly really worked but also encouraged some audience members to get a bit too close during the shows duration and the fragile innards were knocked around a fair bit by people grabbing, stroking, hugging, pinching and touching them.

During the install we were dogged by a few technical, practical and aesthetic issues related to the works placement which was hung high up in a corner, by a window, in a busy room, but she's planning to re-install the piece at some point and work through some the issues, so keep a look out for that.

Other students in the show had some pretty amazing artwork on display too - in particular I liked a video of a girl tied to a chair walking through a swamp to a tree, which seemed part performance art, part music video, and some of the psychedelic sculptures and other surreal artwork was great.

I've continued with a stream of popular kid's electronic workshops mainly using Crumble kits. These have taken place at BOM, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Baskerville School for autistic children, at The Studio for Talent Match Birmingham and Solihull with 2 weeks of Space themed Summer Camps taking place at BOM in mid-August. Summer Camp is looking like it's going to be amazing this year with myself and Amy Martin from FAMALAM (who recently did this inspiring TED Talk) pulling out all the stops to immerse youngsters in a craft and gadget filled 5 day journey to the moon. Adam from FizzPop is going to loan us some space junk to decorate with too and kindly introduced me to Tim Milward from Backface who was able to turn me into a full 3D avatar! Check this out!

Other great stuff coming from BOM residents includes a breath responsive generative video installation being worked on by Robin Price (check out his hilarious URL for this blog) and a theatrical-tech collaboration Agent in a Box from Katie Day from The Other Way Works and multiplayer/touchscreen games programmer Jon Sear which seems to involve some sort of real world spy hotel adventure.

I've also been asked recently to do a number of talks and presentations including one yesterday at Eastside Projects alongside a wealth of other Birmingham artists and curators including Ruth Claxton and Stuart Whipps from whom it was a real pleasure to hear some backstory of how they have developed their practice in the arts. Thanks to Joanne Masding who invited me along and also recently had a solo show in Leicester at the 2 Queens gallery.

I got to talk a bit about the development of PHLUMX, the years I spent VJing and as entrepreneur, the fun had in the Jazz Metal and Hardcore bands Jazz Thrash Assassin and Meatfeast and about all the cool projects done as Psicon Lab.

Other speakers at the event included Vanessa Boni, Matt Foster, Anneka French, Andrew Gillespie, Sam Jones, Antonio Roberts, Sarah Taylor Silverwood and Emily Warner.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Bom fellows talk

Here's the talk I did at BOM recently regarding what I'd like to achieve during my fellowship there.